New initiative to enable families of missing persons to secure useful DNA profiles that can efficiently match them to the unidentified.
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How is DNASolves different?

Other DNA analysis services just see forensics as "a big distraction for genealogy". DNASolves is the first and only service that is laser-focused on building tools with and for the scientists and crime-fighters who are pioneering the field of forensic genomics.

We know that your DNA data is personal, and sharing it requires trust. Everything we build, from our data storage protocols to our forensic-grade analysis software, is designed with your privacy and security in mind.

How do I get started?
  1. Download your raw data from another service like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or FamilyTreeDNA.
  2. Upload your data and register for an account.
Do I need to upload data to register?
Account registration at DNASolves does require you to upload DNA data. If you have data that is not in one of our supported formats, you can upload that to register and we will work to add support for analyzing your data.
How do I get in touch with the DNASolves team?
DNASolves combines crowdfunding, volunteered data, and cutting-edge genomics to solve 'unsolvable' cases. If you have questions about funding a case, subscribing, uploading your DNA data, or if you simply have general comments or feedback, reach out by email or by phone (832) 906-4247.
Uploading Data
Can I upload data that is not my DNA?
You may only upload DNA data from another person if:
  • You are their legal guardian; or
  • They have given you specific authorization to upload their DNA to DNASolves; or
  • You know that the person is deceased
What types of data can I upload?

We support automated analysis and reports for a number of different types and formats from different data providers.

We are constantly working to support more file types and formats. If you upload data that we do not currently support, it will be retained and automatically analyzed when support is added.

Any supported data type can be compressed in a .ZIP or .GZ file for faster uploads.

Data Provider Data Type Supported Format How to Download
AncestryDNA Raw DNA Data TXT
23andMe Raw Genetic Data TXT
MyHeritage Raw DNA Data TXT
Family Tree DNA Family Finder CSV
(Advanced Users)
Un-Aligned Raw Sequencing Data FASTQ
Aligned Raw Sequencing Data SAM, BAM
Processed Variant Data VCF
Can I compress my data to upload faster?

You can upload your data in a .ZIP or .GZ compressed file, and our analysis tools will automatically detect and decompress the files.

Some advanced data formats like paired-end FASTQ use multiple files. You can compress those files into a single .zip or .tar.gz file to upload them as a single sample.

How does Othram keep my data secure?
  • Your data goes directly from your web browser into our secure data storage.
  • All data in our secure storage is encrypted using the same AES-256 technology that the National Security Agency requires for top secret information.
  • Your raw data is never exposed to the world. Our forensic-grade analysis software runs on secure servers and only outputs anonymized summary report data for your review.
Can I remove my uploaded data from DNASolves?

You can request removal of your data from DNASolves at any time.

When viewing the details of a specific uploaded file by clicking on the filename link from your Dashboard/Person Details page, you can remove that file by clicking the red "Remove Data from DNASolves" button.

If you want to completely remove your account from DNASolves, click your account name on the menu header and then click the "Update Account" link. From the Update Account page you can click the red "Remove My DNASolves Account" button.
This will remove all data associated with your account. You will no longer be able to log in to your account, and no new accounts may be created using the same username or email address.

DNASolves Subscriptions
How do I cancel a monthly contribution?

You can cancel your monthly contribution at any time.

To cancel, please enter your email on the contribution cancellation page. You will receive an email with further instructions about how to cancel your subscription.